Never miss another delivery.

One of the problems of renting privately is having to stay in for deliveries, and potentially having to pick it up from a local depot if you miss it. This wastes a huge amount of time.

So, we set ourselves a challenge: how could we create a delivery service that saved our residents time, was secure and enabled us to keep our spaces tidy?

The solution was an automated parcel system that uses lockers and residents’ phones. Confused? Here’s how it works:

1. Resident places order online
2. Delivery is made to AddLiving
3. Parcel is placed in a secure locker, on-site
4. A notification is sent to the resident, alongside a barcode to unlock the locker
5. Resident picks up the delivery, at a time to suit them, on-site.

It really is that simple. No wasted time, no travelling to the local depot – our residents can get on with their lives without ever missing another delivery. It’s so seamless that we are now accepting 350 deliveries per week!

Erdal Kacar, Operations Director of AddLiving, said: “We are delighted to be able to bring this service to our residents, which, along with the quality of our accommodation, fantastic service and no pet fees, helps to set us apart from our competitors.”