We spoke to Annabel about why she chose AddLiving and what’s special about the Headingley Park community.

We’re delighted to have you on board. What attracted you to AddLiving?

“I was moving back North, after working in London for a few years. I wanted to stay in the industry, and I Iooked at the best build-to-rent (BTR) companies. AddLiving really stood out for me, as it’s an ambitious company with growth plans. I felt I could bring value through my experience of working for a larger provider in the sector. Also, I was really struck by the people, and as it’s still quite small (for now), there’s a really nice family feel. So, it ticked a lot of boxes for me.”

What’s special about Headingley Park?

“The building is split into four, so it’s not a high-rise – and as it’s set in four acres of green space, it doesn’t feel that’s it’s as central as it actually is. Our residents love to be able to get into open space easily, and they also benefit from the easy access to Leeds city centre.”

How is AddLiving innovating in the BTR marketplace?

“One of our main innovations is our automated parcel delivery service, which means that we can receive hundreds of parcels every day quickly and easily. Our residents don’t have to stay in – we’ll take the delivery for them, and a bar code gets sent out to their phone, which they use to access the parcel from our secure lockers. We’ve trialled this successfully and are now looking to roll it out.”

What kind of tenants do you have?

“We have roughly 250 residents in total, in just over 150 units. Our community is made up of students, young professionals and couples. As Leeds hospital is nearby, we have roughly 40 front line medical staff. We’re proud that they have chosen Headingley Park as their home, and that we can play a small part in helping them rest and re-charge their batteries from their life-saving work.”

Why is AddLiving a better option than renting from a private landlord?

“One of the main things that make us different is our on-site team. If you’re renting privately, and something goes wrong, you have to phone the landlord (or their agency), and there is always a delay in getting things fixed. We have a fully-trained, on-site handyman to resolve any issues swiftly and a 24/7 emergency maintenance hotline, so we can respond to your needs much more quickly than most private landlords can. The rest of the team is on hand to handle your parcels, and generally make your experience a happy one!”

Who is in your team?

“I have a fantastic team on-site to look after residents. Mick is our caretaker and is responsible for looking after the building and open space. Come rain or shine, you’ll find him across the grounds! Neil is our Maintenance Manager, whose role it is to make sure everything is working properly inside the buildings.”

What does your typical day look like?

“Always busy! I get many emails and messages for residents, I make sure that any issues are resolved quickly, and I show the homes to people who want to join our community. And when we are allowed to arrange events, we will be sure to be busy with that. We are already thinking about our summer party, (obviously once the pandemic situation allows) which everyone will be invited to!”