Keeping our residents and employees safe is our top priority.

Throughout the pandemic, we have continuously reviewed our protocols to ensure that we offer safe spaces to live and work.

Some of the measures we have introduced include:

• Through using our digital platform, we were able to organise “virtual” viewings, apply and deal with lease issues and customers were able to view, sign a tenancy agreement and be in the position to move into a property – without having to leave current housing.
• All staff members are encouraged to read material published on the government website following guidelines on how to work safely during the pandemic. The key elements are summarised below:
o Always maintain 2 meters distance from others. Where this is not possible wear a face mask.
o Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds using soap
o Walk or cycle to work where possible and use own private vehicle where you can
o If you must use public transport, then wear a face mask and maintain social distancing as much as possible
o Perspex shields will be put up in front of customer-facing staff desks to minimise the risk of water droplets reaching staff members and customers through breathing, coughing and sneezing
o Line to be put down on the floor of office to indicate safe standing distance for customers at 2 meters from desks. Seating to be rearranged to facilitate special distancing.
o Maximum 2 customers to be always allowed into the offices at any one time and encouraged to observe social distancing. Additional customers will queue outside the offices at 2 meters distances from one another. Lines on the floor outside offices to be drawn to indicate required distance for queuing customers.

Erdal Kacar, Head of Operations at AddLiving, said “Our residents were also able to use our digital portal for any needs such as repair requests, amenity bookings, account queries and connecting with neighbours.

“We have successfully continued to manage our residential properties through Lockdown, and as we move into the next stage of opening, health and safety is, of course, the priority. We are fortunate that we have always invested in our technology platforms, and the plan is to continue to use these as much as possible going forward. Combining this with our on-site staff on our PRS schemes means we will make sure our residents and customers’ needs are met as quickly as possible. “