Welcome to our New Director of Operations: Stephen Wilson

Just introducing you to Stephen Wilson, the New Director of Operations for AddLiving who will be in charge of managing all our residential schemes. With Stephen, we have a team of ten dedicated AddLiving staff.

Stephen Wilson Profile Picture

Stephen Wilson, Director Of Operations, AddLiving

Stephen has joined us from Touchstone where he led a team across multiple residential sites in London and the South East. Before that he was a Portfolio Manager, managing a team of nine to look after 1,1000 residential properties and 15 commercial properties in London. So he has lots of relevant experience.

On his appointment Stephen said:

‘I have experience working with a variety of tenures and a range of property types across multiple geographical locations. I have seen the way technology, data and good practice can fundamentally change the way operations are carried out within the industry. I look forward to bringing this experience to AddLiving to contribute to the great work the team do, helping the company to continue to grow and to provide the best service for our residents.’